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Virginia Freedom Keepers is Closing

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! As the 2023 legislative session rapidly approaches, we would like to share some significant changes at Virginia Freedom Keepers.

In 2019 we emerged as a non-partisan grassroots organization with a mission to educate, empower and lobby for the preservation of Health Freedom & Bodily Sovereignty in our state. Along the way we have built some incredible relationships which have enriched our lives beyond measure and count ourselves blessed by many successes. As with any organization, we have also had the opportunity to experience failure from which we have learned many lessons, both personally and professionally. We are grateful for all it and for you.

This year we have made the difficult, but necessary decision to shut down our organization and its legislative & action operations. We have experienced significant structural change with many members of the leadership team moving on to other career positions, relocating out of state or attending to significant health/family issues.

Over the last year, we have also faced an onslaught of unfounded and persecutory reporting against our organization and individual founders for our involvement in hosting a Health Freedom Rally several blocks away from the capitol in Washington DC on January 6th. We have at times feared for the safety and the well-being of our families and have been forced to defend against egregious accusations, posing a significant drain on resources and bandwidth. We will continue to work with our attorneys to address these issues.

While we have done everything in our power to cooperate with authorities and share the full details of our knowledge and actions surrounding this day, it has not stopped the media from manipulating and misrepresenting our actions or intent. They have found us guilty by association and while their claims are demonstrably false, we’re concerned about the effect it could have on our involvement in any future lobbying efforts

We continue to adamantly deny any involvement in or prior knowledge of the impending chaos that took place this day or with any organizations that may have facilitated it. We had one purpose in being present and saw this day as merely an opportunity to address immediate health freedom concerns affecting the country to a broad audience that was already planning to gather. If we had any indications this was going to be anything other than a peaceful event, we would have reported such and abstained.

Issues surrounding vaccinations are among the most contentious in our Nation. We have taken on this topic despite its controversial nature because each of our families have been adversely affected by the pharmaceutical industry and their liability free products. We fervently maintain that we have been true to the mission of our organization and that health freedom is a bipartisan issue that requires preservation efforts by all sides of the aisle.

We will continue to maintain our website and social media channels for the time being, as a resource for information and connection in our community. And we want to encourage our members and followers to continue to be involved at the state and federal level. There are many new state organizations that have taken up the cause and are hard at work on the issue of preserving Health Freedom and Bodily Sovereignty. Current memberships will be valid through their natural expiration and the automatic renewals will be cancelled.

We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for being a part of this amazing community and joining us on this journey. We have all been incredibly touched by your stories, passion and ability to lift each other up through arduous times. We also want to thank you for all of your contributions and support, without which our existence would never have been possible.

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