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There Are Worse Things Than Death

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

The recent CDC and FDA advisory committee meetings leading to the approval of Pfizer's mRNA injections for young children were a lesson in groupthink. It was all theatre. Really, really bad theatre featuring characters incapable of thinking critically or asking difficult questions; many had conflict of interest and ties to Pfizer. Never mind that expert after expert warned them of serious safety concerns. None of it really mattered. The Pfizer vials were ready to go before they even met.

We Virginians knew it and also knew the mandates would follow if the Democrat won. He didn’t. We didn’t let it happen. For many parents in Virginia, including many Democrats, this was a single issue election. mRNA forced in the arm of every child over 5 was obviously unacceptable to the majority of us. If you don't understand what happened in Virginia last week, consider what former New York Times reporter (and brilliant, hilarious writer) Alex Berenson wrote soon after the elections:

Memo to the forever lock downers, to those who would force mRNA vaccines on children, to the masked Karens:

Can you hear us now?

It’s over.


You want to stay inside for the next 20 years? You want to stick your healthy kids with a biotechnology that barely existed 18 months ago for a disease that won’t touch them? You want to wear face diapers in 100 degree heat?

Have at it.

But you aren’t telling us what to do anymore.

Leave us alone

His words resonated with so many of us, left, right, or center. We Virginians are done with the theatre. We are done with the baseless mandates. We stand together in rejecting the theft of our personal freedoms. We stand with the freedom-loving citizens trapped in states like California and New York and we hope things change for all Americans soon.

These days, I think often of what Founding Father and first governor of Virginia, Patrick Henry, said to early Virginians in 1775:

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”

He led a new nation in creating our Bill of Rights, guaranteeing personal freedoms and setting limits on government. We stand on the shoulders of brave Virginians before us who fought and died for our freedoms. They knew, as we know, there are worse things than death:

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

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