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The Sanctioning of Child Sacrifice

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

There is no evidence that the benefits of vaccinating children for Covid-19 outweigh risks [1]. Remember, Dr. Eric Rubin said to the FDA, as he encouraged them to swiftly approve Covid-19 vaccines for children: “we won’t know how safe the vaccine is for children until we start giving it [2].” Yes, that happened. It bears repeating: there is NO evidence that the benefits of vaccinating children outweigh risks. In fact, a rapidly growing body of evidence, much of it detailed below, indicates risks of Covid-19 vaccines significantly outweigh benefits.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins who evaluated 48,000 cases did not find a single healthy child who died of Covid-19 [3]. British researchers have reported that only six children under 18 out of 12 million died of Covid-19 [4]. In Germany, not one healthy child under 18 has died of Covid-19 during the pandemic [5]. Inevitably, from anxious parents: “but multisystem-inflammatory syndrome?!” While MIS-C is extremely rare [6], researchers have recently learned it can result from not only infection, but, tragically, from vaccination too [7].

The inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, is among the many experts speaking out against vaccinating children: “There is no rationale for vaccinating children. None. For healthy, normal children who aren’t morbidly obese and don’t have cystic fibrosis or some other major pre-existing condition, their chance of getting hospitalized or dying from this is zero, but their chance of having damage to their heart [from the vaccine] is about six times their risk from the virus itself. There's no reason to vaccinate the children. Don’t do it [8].”

The inventor of mRNA vaccine technology says “don’t do it;” researchers, scientists, physicians, philosophers, bioethicists, and entire nations say “don’t do it [9].” Yet there is a starkly different message from public health officials in the United States who have been wrong time and time again throughout the pandemic. Undoubtedly, parents want what is best for their children, but sadly, many are putting their trust in institutions and individuals with significant conflicts of interest who are not worthy of our trust [10]. These institutions and individuals have consistently put politics and profits over what is in our best interest [11]. They continue to repeat empty slogans such as “follow the science!” and “safe and effective!” while ignoring the mounds of evidence clearly indicating that the only science being followed is industry science, and that these vaccines are in fact not safe for our children.

More adolescents have been hospitalized with post-vaccination myocarditis than with Covid-19 itself [12]. Some dismiss this risk as rare and myocarditis as mild and transient. According to Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist, vaccine induced myocarditis is not a mild or temporary condition; the potential scarring of the heart as a result of inflammation is permanent. Additionally, “there are preclinical studies suggesting the vaccine's lipid nano-particles actually go directly into the heart; the heart expresses the spike protein; the body attacks the heart [13].”

In a study published November 2021, cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry found that the mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation in the endothelium (lining of blood vessels) and cardiac muscle. This inflammation may account for the increase in heart related problems following vaccination [14].

Short term risks are worrisome and sufficient to halt the program, but the unknown long term risks are of concern for many physicians and scientists. Swedish scientists examined the effects of the coronavirus spike protein (which mRNA vaccines cause the body to produce inside the cells). They found “the spike protein localizes in the nucleus and inhibits DNA damage repair by impeding key DNA repair proteins. Findings reveal a potential molecular mechanism by which the spike protein might impede adaptive immunity and underscore the potential side effects of full-length spike-based vaccines [15].”

This in vitro study indicates mRNA vaccines block DNA damage repair; while implications in vivo are unknown, some scientists worry we may see an increase in cancers, autoimmune diseases, blood disorders, neurodegenerative problems, and other serious complications in those vaccinated with mRNA vaccines in the years ahead [16]. Further investigation is needed; until we know more, mass vaccination of children with an unproven technology is unprecedented and beyond reprehensible.

Among those calling for a halt to mass vaccination of children are physician-scientists who have pioneered the invention of vaccines and drugs for over 30 years. In a piece published in October 2021, Drs. Kwak, Rosen, and Sachar outline potential risks: “Disturbing short-term complications from Covid-19 vaccines in adults, including myocarditis, blood clots in the brain, and neurological disorders, warrant us to pause. But we must be transparent that the real threat to children is the unknown long-term complications. mRNA-based vaccines could trigger any number of autoimmune diseases, which can take years to manifest [17].”

The physician-scientists also discuss the traveling of the spike protein to various organs, highlighting a serious problem other researchers have warned of [18]: “None of the mRNA vaccines has a built-in “off” switch to control where they travel in the body and how long they persist there. Published animal safety studies showed traces of Covid-19 spike protein in the brain, heart, and other vital organs; the European Medicines Agency’s assessment report acknowledged that low levels of mRNA itself were detected in most tissues. The potential consequences of vaccines crossing the natural blood-brain barrier in children’s developing brains are of the utmost concern to all future humanity [19].”

Previous vaccines have been pulled after only a fraction of the deaths reported for Covid-19 vaccines [20]; according to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), there have been 19,532 deaths following Covid-19 vaccination. Experts acknowledge the actual number of deaths is significantly higher, as deaths and adverse events have historically been underreported to VAERS [21].

Despite these alarming risks, approximately one third of parents inherently trust this new, insufficiently tested technology, even though it is drastically different from all other childhood vaccines [22]. This blind trust in a so-called vaccine as the solution, not because of its merit, efficacy, or safety, but because of the absence of an alternative is baffling. Even if we ignore the many treatments and protocols recommended by doctors that have prevented hospitalization and deaths [23], even if we ignore the (often preventable) comorbidities in the vast majority of those who tragically succumb to this virus [24], should we put our sole focus on a possibly devastating technology just to have done something? Why would we rely on a solution potentially deadlier than the problem [25]? Why would we trade a bout with a virus we know is benign for children for an experimental biologic that may be harmful to them?

The answer provided by proponents of child vaccination amounts to the sanctioning of child sacrifice; they concede that children themselves are not at risk, but they argue the need to vaccinate children for the benefit of society and the vulnerable. This would be highly unethical even if the Covid-19 vaccines prevented transmission [26]; but they do not. Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent infection. Covid-19 vaccines do NOT prevent transmission.

Several studies show viral load is similar in the vaccinated and unvaccinated. From the British Medical Journal: a preliminary analysis of UK data suggests “adults who have been fully vaccinated carry the same viral load of the delta variant as those who are unvaccinated [27].”

A study out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison found a high viral load in “68% of unvaccinated and 69% of fully vaccinated symptomatic individuals.” There was no difference between the symptomatic vaccinated and unvaccinated in terms of who was carrying, and therefore spreading, the virus. This study also found high viral loads in 29% of unvaccinated and 82% of fully vaccinated asymptomatic individuals.” Meaning, among asymptomatic individuals, the vaccinated had a higher percentage with a high viral load [28].

A study from University of California Davis found “no significant difference in viral load between vaccinated and unvaccinated, asymptomatic and symptomatic groups” infected with Delta [29].”

A study published in the Lancet found that fully vaccinated individuals are just as infectious to others in their household as unvaccinated individuals [30]. The analysis suggests the peak level of virus in infected individuals was the same regardless of whether or not they were vaccinated [31].

Another study from the Lancet: “High Covid-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of Covid-19 disease. Recent data, however, indicate that the epidemiological relevance of Covid-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing.” Over a one month period in the UK, “89% of Covid-19 cases among citizens 60 years or older occurred among the fully vaccinated while 3.4% occurred among the unvaccinated. In Germany, the rate of symptomatic Covid-19 cases among the fully vaccinated (“breakthrough infections”) has been increasing week by week and was 58.9% in October 2021, providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission [32].”

The title of a paper out of the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies says it all: Increases in Covid-19 Are Unrelated to Level of Vaccination Across 68 Countries and 2,497 Counties in the United States. “Countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher Covid-19 cases per one million people.” Furthermore, counties in the United States with higher vaccination rates did not have fewer cases [33].

According to Dr. Aditi Bhargava, a molecular neuro-endocrinologist at the University of California, comparing Covid-19 vaccines to other childhood vaccines such as chickenpox vaccines is an apples to oranges comparison because RNA and DNA viruses are fundamentally different. “DNA viruses mutate at a very slow rate, whereas RNA viruses, such as Covid-19 and influenza viruses, mutate more frequently. Some DNA and RNA virus induce life-long immunity. After a natural infection with DNA or RNA viruses such as the chickenpox or polio, respectively, no one needs to be vaccinated or develops the disease in their lifetime. In contrast, some RNA viruses mutate frequently and do not induce life-long immunity, as we have seen with Covid-19 or flu viruses. One can have influenza multiple times in their lives, vaccines or no vaccines. Flu has not been eradicated, nor is there any talk to eradicate it. There is no herd immunity for flu. It is simply not an achievable goal [34]”.

The willingness to sacrifice our children in order to eliminate Covid-19 from the planet is based on magical, not scientific thinking. Scientists with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the immune system are clear: we can not vaccinate Covid-19 away [35]. Over 100 immunologists, infectious-disease researchers, and virologists working on the coronavirus agree; Covid-19 is here to stay, and we must learn to live with this endemic virus as we live with the common cold and flu [36].

On November 15, 2021, the FDA asked a federal judge to withhold the data it relied upon to license Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine until the year 2076 [37]. Yes, that happened. They want 55 years to hide the truth. What do they have to hide? How can we “follow the science” when they won’t disclose the data? Are we to sacrifice our children at the altar of $cience? Unless the definition of “science” also changed in 2021 along with the definitions of “vaccine” [38] and “natural immunity” [39] [40], “science” has always relied on data and evidence. It bears repeating again: there is NO evidence Covid-19 vaccines are safe for our children.

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