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Open Letter to the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee

Below is an open letter to the “decision makers” who sit on the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee (VRBPAC). There are 21 individuals on the committee, all listed with their contact information below the letter. The committee will meet on October 26, 2021 to discuss Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine for children ages 5-11. Never mind that there is no emergency for 5-11 year olds, nor anyone under 65 for that matter.

Dear decision makers,

I write to you as a mother, writer, educator to urge you to vote NO on Pfizer’s EUA application for children ages 5-11. The world is looking to you on October 26 to do what is right.

The CDC’s VAERS data is devastating. Over 17,000 post-vaccination deaths reported through October 15 and over 818,000 reports of adverse events. Historically, VAERS data has been estimated to account for only 1% of vaccine injuries.

After hundreds of thousands of women reported menstrual irregularities post-vaccination (30,000 in the UK alone), The British Medical Journal determined “a link is plausible and must be investigated.” We still await this investigation.

More 12-17 year old boys were hospitalized after receiving Covid-19 vaccines than for Covid-19 itself. The Guardian was the only media outlet that covered this devastating study. This is shameful on the part of the media.

Young children have infinitesimal risk from Covid-19 according to multiple studies. If you think it is acceptable to sanction the sacrificing of our youth for the elderly, studies show these vaccines do not stop community spread. Surprisingly, findings from a recently published article demonstrate that “Covid-19 cases across 68 countries and nearly 3000 counties in the United States were unrelated to vaccination rates.” And “countries with vaccination rates of under 10% have less Covid-19 than those with 75% vaccinated.”

The world is watching. Lioness mothers and lion fathers are watching. Tread carefully. You do not want blood on your hands. Tell Pfizer to leave our children alone.



Janet Woodcock

Acting FDA Commissioner

FDA, mail stop: HFD-001

10903 New Hampshire Ave., WO51-6133

Silver Spring MD 20993-0002

phone: (301) 796-5400

fax: (301) 847-8752

Peter Marks

Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

FDA, Mail stop: HFM-2

10903 New Hampshire Ave., WO71-7232

Silver Spring MD 20993-0002

phone: (240) 402-8116

fax: (301) 595-1310

Acting Chair, VRBPAC

Arnold Monto, M.D.

Professor of Public Health & Epidemiology

Department of Epidemiology

University of Michigan School of Public Health

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

phone: (734) 764-5453

fax: (734) 764-3192

Paula Annunziato, M.D.

Vice President and Therapeutic Area Head

Vaccines Clinical Research


North Wales, PA 19454