Medical Freedom in the Virginia Senate - Call To Action

Updated: Feb 11

Louise Lucas (Chair) 7573978209 Twitter @SenLouiseLucas

Dick Saslaw 7039780200 Twitter @DickSaslaw

Janet Howell 7037098283

Stephen Newman 4343851065 Twitter @SenatorNewman

Mamie Locke 7578255880 Twitter @SenatorLocke

George Barker 7033031426 Twitter @GeorgeLBarker

Chap Petersen 7033493361 Twitter @ChapPetersen

John Cosgrove 7575473422 Twitter @JohnCosgrove_VA

Lynwood Lewis 7577871094 Twitter @LynwoodLewis

Siobhan Dunnavant 8042705600 Twitter @Dunnavant4VA

David Suetterlein 5403028486 Twitter @SenSuetterlein

Mark Peake 4344553392

John Edwards 5409858690 Twitter @SenEdwardsVA

Todd Pillion (804) 698-7540

Ghazala Hashmi 8046987510 Twitter @GhazalaHashmi

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