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Does your Board of Supervisors test the cell towers in your county or city?

Does your Board of Supervisors test the cell towers in your county or city? Have you ever asked them if they do? It’s a fact that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does not test cell towers. Would it shock you to learn that the FCC set the regulation limit, but no one is regulating them? NOT ONCE have they changed the limits, which they set back in 1996 despite all the additional technology that's been added. If you follow Children's Health Defense, then you are likely aware of the 11,000 pages of evidence that prove harm from wireless devices and that the limits must be changed to protect people. The intention of sharing this video is to inspire you to take action after you ask your County or City Board of Supervisors if they test the towers and they say "I don't know or No we don't the FCC does" you can take the next step and get them on a call and listen to this video with them or email it to them and follow up. They may likely have the same questions and simply don't understand the problem. Education is important but it also requires action to make the necessary changes to protect yourself, future generations and your neighbors.

In this video you will see what Andrew Campanelli, NY Cell Tower Lawyer, who takes calls for FREE with local county governments, explains what needs to be done in order to help these board members change their ordinances. Why and how their hands are not tied, they can create setbacks to keep cell towers off of school property and out of residential areas! "I used to work for the other side and then I learned what cell towers were doing to the people. So now I make less money, but I sleep better at night." Mr. Campanelli so honestly shared. Mr. Campanelli and Doris Knick answer and speak to two Chesterfield County Board members in regard to the problems that exist currently and are also likely in your city/town as well. If you want to get your cell towers tested and ordinances changed it can be done! Chesterfield County to my knowledge will be the first county in Virginia to take this necessary step. Truly "smart counties change their ordinances" but they aren't going to change by themselves.

If you'd like to connect to be guided in this process and work with others in Virginia, send Doris Knick an email at She's ready and willing to team up with you for a Q&A and help share the strategies that worked for her and save you time and aggravation. The true power is with we the people, when we unite, educate and speak truth, it defends itself.

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